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All business operations are voracious users of information. Marketing, strategic planning, procurement, manufacturing and HR all rely on information and intelligence in order to function effectively. Most of this information is supplied willingly by its providers but there is some which is not. When a company needs intelligence on what its competitors are doing, how they are doing it, why they are doing it and the type, volume and quality of the resources they are deploying it will often obtain it covertly from sources within and outside the competitors.

Some intelligence collection (mainly by foreign Governments) uses industrial espionage techniques that are illegal in most parts of the world. This is a serious threat that is widely recognised and is dealt with by cyber, IT and physical security specialists. Nevertheless, despite its high profile industrial espionage is a rare event for most companies. A threat that is far more common, and much less widely recognised, is competitive intelligence. Almost all companies study their competitors continuously and whilst many of these will go no further than reading press reports, scanning web sites and listening to the gossip picked up by their sales forces, some will expand the process by commissioning competitive intelligence exercises. In these every potential source of the intelligence they require is examined and interrogated. This will include contacting current employees, ex-employees and all of the organisations with which a relationship exists and with which information has been shared.

If you are the subject of such a study it can seriously damage the prospects for your business by frustrating your plans and by revealing sensitive information that has taken years to accumulate and underpins your operations. This information should not find its way into the hands of a competitor. Nor should it be revealed to head-hunters, consultants, journalists and activists who use similar techniques in order access internal information sources.

Our solutions

Counter Force protects a company’s information “crown jewels” for as long as necessary. A pre-requisite for a sound counterintelligence effort is to find answers to the following questions; “who is interested, what are they interested in, and what are their capabilities to be successful?”. Once the threat is understood, we can develop and execute appropriate counter measures. Many companies consider that basic defences such as non-disclosure agreements and instructions to employees are enough to stop information leaks. They are not. They also think that cyber security, IT security and physical security are enough. They are not. It is essential to used counter intelligence measures to close the gap between operational security (OPSEC) and cyber security. Corporate counter intelligence is the third leg of an in-depth security approach that provides 360° protection for your company.

Counter Force Group helps you avert the loss of market share and the loss of your investment in unique intellectual property. We can also prevent the reputation damage that can arise from customer data breaches or related information losses. We help you retain competitive surprise in the introduction of your new products.

Our solutions include

  • Analysing your vulnerability to the loss of sensitive information
  • Establishing weak points that can be exploited by those collecting intelligence on you
  • Developing systems for identifying any sensitive content in company information releases and web sites
  • Handling the threat from social media postings by employees
  • Devising company-wide systems that can prevent unauthorised outsiders identifying your employees and contacting them
  • Informing employees on what can and what cannot be disclosed
  • Enabling your employees to recognise when approaches they receive are suspicious and informing them how to handle them

“While security seeks to protect a firm’s assets, counterintelligence seeks to actively engage and neutralize a competitor’s collection efforts.” (John Nolan)

This is what Counter Force Group does successfully, on a global scale.