Where we are

Principal offices are located in


Udo Hohlfeld

udo.hohlfeld (at) counterforcegroup.global

T +49-6731-549-3512


Dmitry Ivanov

dmitry.ivanov (at) counterforcegroup.global

T +7-921-947-1852

United Kingdom

Chris West

chris.west (at) counterforcegroup.global

T +44-173-755-7091

United States of America

Kent Potter

kent.potter (at) counterforcegroup.global

T +1-770-310-9529

Jerry Hoffmann

jerry.hoffmann (at) counterforcegroup.global

T +1-636-779-3877

Associated offices are located in Australia, Brazil, China, India, The Philippines, and South Africa.

Counter Force Group consists of teams deployed world wide - on every continent (except Antarctica!) Our principals are supported by a broad array of other professionals, expert in cyber security, counterintelligence and incident investigation, and OPSEC, to provide fully integrated protection for your critical secrets and intellectual property.